ABOUT THE ROSARY

Why we should place the Rosary under our pillow? Keep a rosary, even a small one, under the pillow.
Since I started that custom, I started to  solve problems more easily, and it helps those who have insomnia, as they wake up at dawn with the Rosary in hand and they have had a good night rest!

The rosary 'A beautiful story...

I always wondered who came up with the idea of repeating the Hail Mary (Avemaria) prayer so many times? What sense does it make?
But , and whenever you pray, with each Ave Maria you give a beautiful rose for the Virgin Mary
A legend noted that Lego, a brother (who was not a priest) of the  Dominican order, couldn't read or write, so it could not read the Psalms, as it was the custom in the convents of the time.

Then,  when he finished his work at night (he was gatekeeper, janitor, the gardener, etc...) he always went to the chapel of the convent and kneel  down in front the image of the Virgin Mary, and recited 150 Hail Marys (the number of the Psalms), then he retreated to his cell to sleep.

In the morning, at dawn, he got up early, before all of the other monks  and went to the Chapel to repeat his usual prayers to the Virgin.
The Father superior noticed that every day, when he came to the Chapel to  celebrate the morning prayer with the monks, there was a delicious smell of freshly cut roses and he became curious, so he asked the monks who  was in charge of decorating the altar of the Virgin Mary so beautifully, to which the answer was that none did , and rose bushes in the garden were not used as it has all its roses.

Lego got gravely sick one day; the other monks noticed that the altar of the Virgin had roses  enforcement The lay brother was sick of gravity; the other monks noticed that the altar of the Virgin had no usual roses, and deduced that it  was the brother who put the roses. But how?
No one had seen him ever leaving the convent, or they knew he could not buy the beautiful roses.
One morning surprised them that he had risen, but they were could not find him anywhere.
Finally, they went to the chapel and all the monks were amazed, because the Lego brother was kneeling by the image of the Virgin, reciting the Hail  Mary, and each time he finished one, a rose appeared in vases. That day at the end of the 150 hail Marys, he died at the foot of the Virgin

With the passing of the years, Santo Domingo de Guzman, (said that by  revelation of the Holy Virgin); he divided the 150 Hail Marys in three groups of 50, and associated them with the meditation of the Bible: the joyful mysteries, the sorrowful mysteries and the glorious mysteries, to which the blessed Pope John Paul II added the luminous mysteries.
Pray your ROSARY daily

- When you keep your Rosary with you, is a headache for Satan

- When you pray your Rosary, Satan collapses

- when he sees you praying the Rosary, he vanishes.

- Let's pray the Rosary every time, so we canĀ  keep Satan vanished.